We have an extensive experience in the establishment of private equity funds, covering all legal and tax structures and adapting those structures with the Jordanian law, addressing issues such as tax, classes of shares, management compensation, role responsibilities of manager, voting, finance and others. We have also acted as counsel to fund sponsors and investors in connection with many specialized funds, we are also counseled on the acquisition and financing of portfolio companies. In addition to our strong corporate practice which is essential in private equity, the firm also has expertise in refinancing, recapitalizations, restructurings and management compensation arrangements.

The Firm has significant experience in alternative investments such as venture capital funds. We can assist in structuring, evaluating, negotiating venture capital transactions, drafting all documents such as Term Sheets, investment agreements, shareholders agreements and preferred shares conditions.

Due to our involvement in legislative reform related to venture capital transactions and private equity funds, we have in-depth knowledge of the possible structures of funds/transactions under the Jordanian law and can assess proposed partnerships/transactions whether they are fully operative within the Jordanian legal framework.