We have been in the heart of the economic and policy reform initiatives that took place in Jordan since 1998. Our team took a major part in drafting and advocating legislative and regulatory reform associated with Jordan’s WTO accession, and that related to USAID projects in many areas such as Industrial Policy Development, Public Sector Reform, Micro Finance & Capital Market reform, E-commerce, E-Government, Telecommunications law, financial leasing and Credit bureaus.

Since 1999, we advised the government of Jordan and private associations on all matters related to reform of regulatory frameworks required to provide the foundation and enabling environment for telecommunications and IT.

We believe in the importance of international trade and globalization and we insisted to be a leading spear in the filed. Our team has an enormous knowledge and drafted laws related to international trade, WTO trade remedies agreements (antidumping, subsidies and safeguards), Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT), Free Trade Agreement with the USA and rules of origin.

E-government and IT reform

Since the past few years, we participated in all legal and regulatory reforms that have been passed, ranging from Amendments to the Telecommunications Law, The Law on the of Deployment of Information Technology Resources in Governmental Entities (E-Government Act) and the amendments to Electronic Transactions Law. We have participated in REACH initiative aiming at the development and promotion of a the IT sector and reform of regulatory frameworks.